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History Of GWM

Great Wall Motors is a Chinese vehicle manufacturer established in 1976. Since 2010, it has been China's largest SUV (sport utility vehicle) producer. Great Wall Motors was initially a very successful manufacturer of pick-up trucks and only produced a passenger vehicle in 2008.

2012 saw Great Wall Motors forge ahead of other firms as the fastest growing domestic Chinese car maker, posting gains of 28% and an increase in net profit of 65.7% from the year before. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 the company participated in the Dakar Rally with the likes of Haval models, achieving a ranking of seventh in 2012.

Great Wall Motors now owns Haval and Great Wall brands, covering products ranging from SUVs, to passenger cars and pick-ups.They stand by their philosophy of “improving little by little every day”. GWM has upheld high growth and profit for over 10 successive years, are second to none in the domestic auto industry in terms of business quality and have been listed among “the most valuable listed automakers” by authorities. GWM has also been as the most promising Chinese independent auto brand by the media.

Since 2004, GWM has been ranked amongst Forbes “Top 100 Chinese Enterprises” twice and among “China's 500 Most Valuable Brands”. They have been honoured as a “recommended export brand” by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products and a “national vehicle export base enterprise” by the Ministry of Commerce. They have regularly been listed among the “Top 10 Listed Private Companies”, “China's Top 500 Enterprises”, “China's Top 500 Machinery Manufacturers”, “China's Top 500 Manufacturers”, “China's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises and China's Top 30 Automakers for Sales”. In 2011, they ranked among "China's Top 500 Enterprises", "Famous Chinese Trademarks" "Forbes Asia’s 50 FAB Companies" and Inter-brand’s "Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2011" "during the Davos Forum. In 2012, they topped the "List of Investment Potential of Listed Automakers", were listed among "2012 China’s Top 50 Best-Performing Companies" by Global Entrepreneur and among "Top 10 Chinese Brands You Must Know" by the world-famous financial magazine Barron’s.

Market performance for GMW remains strong in domestic and overseas markets. Great Wall Motors’ passenger cars stand amongst the top 10 passenger vehicles in terms of sales for consecutive months, thus becoming promising in the family car market. Since their first export in 1998, they have ranked highly for years in terms of export volume and export value. They have also built a dozen KD plants in countries like Russia, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Iran and Egypt. To date, their test centers, trial-manufacturing centres, modelling centers and power centers have been up to world leading and domestic leading standards. They are capable of designing and developing the SUV, passenger car and pick-up series as well as power train and developing a dozen models simultaneously. In fields such as engine, transmission, vehicle modelling, vehicle design, CAE and test, they have formed independent technologies, standards and intellectual property.

With a mission of serving the world through industrial development, Great Wall Motors aspires to be an outstanding representative of Chinese independent auto brands and strives to fulfill the dream of building China into an auto power.

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